Monday, November 18, 2013

Beauty Redefined

We took The Littles and neighbor Charlotte to a night of cultural dancing. They chose what they wanted to wear and when you are four, nothing about a full Oromo ensemble seems tacky. 

IMG 6428

Before a meal is served, hands are washed.

IMG 6441

Because this is how we eat

IMG 6448

One large plate is shared and each person is supposed to eat with their right hand. Oops, I see a mistake with this in this photo.

IMG 6456

Jon mentioned that the spinach would make the girls stronger than him.  Notice what they are all eating. 

IMG 6457

Everyone flexing, to show their newfound strength.

IMG 6460

But the greatest part of the night?

IMG 6463 2

Oh wait, no it wasn’t a random tourist taking pictures of the girls like they were part of the show.  ;) (Although, I guess the clothes made them look like that.)

But the best part was, before our eyes, beauty was being redefined for the girls. 

IMG 6469

Little J was taken with the “bouncy, puffy"-haired ladies.

IMG 6471



***In regards to the questions about the braids; No, I did not do it, a friend did. Yes, it did take awhile. Yes, they love it and it is extensions which means that a bit past the shoulders is their actual length and then they have the joy of extensions. 





Captain Murdock {} said...

And the big question is ... did you and Jon wear your full Oromo outfits? :-)

Justin & Sarah said...

These pictures bring tears to my eyes. They girls are growing up into such beauties! What a wonderful opportunity for them to see beauty defined outside the cultural barriers of the U.S.

Sheila said...

First, love the braids. I'm hoping to do Sophie's over he summer for the first time. Second, I LOVE that restaurant! Best food and cultural experience I had while in Addis! I can't believe it's been two years! Thanks again for sharing!

Heidi said...

Wow, they have come a long way since we shared in their first Ethiopian dinner together! No screaming and waiting to finish the dancing so we could pay the bill and leave. I'm sure this night was a precious one seeing their beautiful culture through their grown up eyes! They are growing into such beautiful young little girls! Happy birthday sweet ones!