Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Ongoing Fall Fest

 There are actually advantages to celebrating a season, when not living in it. There are no cultural or weather cues to signal a necessary end of the celebration. We are moving into summer here, the nights are very cool but the days are sunny, windy and beautiful.

This was actually on October 31st. After reverse trick-or-treating, we combined efforts with the neighbors (which in case I haven’t mentioned this week how great our two families we share our apartment building with are, allow me to tell you again, God blessed us with some amazing people). 

IMG 6108

These four cuties dressed up and had bags (Although The Littles were really confused because they thought trick or treating was giving candy away and we handed them empty bags.)IMG 6131

Then, the adults went into an apartment and we stood behind every door, every kitchen, bathroom and bedroom included, in costume and acted surprised and exclaiming over the kiddos and their costumes. 

While we all got into it, the dads did an exceptionally good job of switching up the costume behind every door and in three apartments, there were a lot of doors.

IMG 6123

I was a little shocked when I saw that Matt had used scotch tape on his nose to enhance the costume.IMG 6122

And this guy…not only changed costume but personality behind every door. Yes, if you know him at all, you can imagine how that went down. 

Make sure you check out the previous post for a video of him opening the door, to the fear and delight of the four trick-or-treaters.

IMG 6156

That night ended with cookie decorating and a homemade piñata bashing (and what’s cuter than a croc-wearing baby Belle swinging at a homemade pinata with a rolling pin, really?)

Time ran short for all our glorious plans for “Fall Fest”, no problem, we all live together (PYG peeps, there are moments that remind me of the amazing days at Marsteller), so we rescheduled the rest. 

IMG 6174

While the girls made homemade signs in prep for the fest, the men outdid themselves in decorating.
IMG 6200
Our neighbors pulled out their Christmas lights for the event.
IMG 6225

We found hotdogs (Never mind the label read, “At least 65% meat”).

IMG 6231

And enjoyed a night where we all brought out the sacred care package goodies and feasted.

IMG 6234

We roasted the biggest marshmallows we had ever seen.

IMG 6250

And The Littles were once again caught at that same conveniently low food table, shoveling food in as fast as they could.

We put the kids to bed and then circled our chairs around the grill and it made a pretty good campfire.

The best part…I don’t know if we are done partying over Fall yet, we still have a care package bag of candy corn. Surely a good enough reason for another get together… :)


Video below. :)


Matt & Jess Braham said...

I was totally thinking Marstellar! Love that. So thankful you have great neighbors and friends.

Captain Murdock {} said...

ha ha. I knew that Ziway robe would come in handy :-)