Monday, November 4, 2013

Two Flats On A Country Road

Driving back to Addis, we were enjoying the views 

IMG 6020

and our sleeping children...

IMG 6005

When Jon said, "We've got a flat tire". He hopped out, no big deal, I was just hoping our loaner van had all the necessary tools. I got the spare out. Two kind men had already come along and offered to help. If you have vehicle trouble here, the vehicle stays on the road and you find big rocks to make a little perimeter. 

Then the next words were not the ones I wanted to hear. "The spare is flat". After asking a few passerby's, we learned the nearest town with a tire repair was 20 kilometers away. We prayed and then tried to flag down a vehicle. They were few and far between and they were full or too hurried to stop. FInally a bus pulled over and they loaded the two tires on the top rack and Jon squeezed aboard but not before he said, "Hey, maybe this will be the first night we sleep in a barn." He smiled and I didn't. The bus driver dropped him at the tire shop and wouldn't even let Jon pay for the ride.

A man who was passing by, walking home with his two bulls designated himself our guardian. While the Littles played in the dirt, we chatted. As many walked home from their days, they would stop and chat about the situation. After about 1 1/2 hours, with darkness nearing, I could tell our friend was getting nervous. His home was far and he had to walk his animals in before dark. He asked if we would walk with him but I didn't know what Jon would think if he came back and we were gone. :)

IMG 6028

One of the little friends who kept me entertained.

About 30 minutes after our friend left, a minibus slowed and then stopped.

IMG 6031

I told Jon I had never been so happy to see him, including our wedding day. I was kidding (partially). :)

Although knowing the sun was setting was stressful (driving in the dark is not recommended), it was probably about one of my favorite sunsets I have ever seen. 

IMG 6035

So, we will take the unfortunate event as a trade off for this very gorgeous view that we never get to see in Addis. We did get back to Addis well after dark.

IMG 6040  Version 2

Thankful we didn't have to spend the night in a barn. :)




Nichole said...

Thankful you are all safe and that Jon could find tires and get back to you before dark!

Rachel said...

Wow, what a story. I think I would agree with the comment you made to Jon about never being so happy to see him :) That is funny, but I'm sure we will have some of those situations, too! Thanking the Lord that it all turned out okay for you guys! Love you :)

Britni said...

Oh my. My blood pressure went up reading this. SO glad that God delivered Jon back to you before the sun set, and for the kind man with his animals!

Captain Murdock {} said...

Oh my word, still can't believe you guys got two flats on the drive home. So thankful it all turned out okay, but man I bet that was scary!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

That was an eventful day! Beautiful beautiful sunset!

Mindy said...

Crazy that you got two flats! Oh my. So glad you didn't have to sleep in a barn. :) I'm not sure I would've appreciated Jon's sense of humor in that situation either...haha!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome to see the hand of God in the people he puts in your path to help. I am so awe inspired by how you guys are "out there" in the culture and getting along in every day situations. To God be the glory. Love ya!! Lisa y Bruce

Sheila said...

I'm so thankful all of you are all safe! So glad God sent you companionship and a guardian!

teresa said...

thanking God for his faithfulness and beautiful provision.