Friday, November 15, 2013

The Birthday Bubble

We should have known, yesterday, when we went into The Little’s room, singing “Happy Birthday” and Little A immediately buried her head under the covers and started to cry. We recovered and showed them the fun things friends had sent and put on the boas and tiaras.

IMG 6303

Here’s the pasted on fake smiles.

IMG 6306

Here’s the first thing in the morning, “Hold on a second, it’s your birthday, let’s prep about what that means" talk.

It was kind of a rough day. You know how you anticipate something so long and then you ruin it because of elated expectations? I think that’s what happened.

And we kind of planned it to be a long weekend of celebration, going out with two friends tonight and a birthday party on Sunday. 

Lest I am too dramatic, there were bright points in the day. 

IMG 6335

This is how Little A handled the pressure of everyone singing to her.

On top of it all, I decided it was the night we had to take a family picture and no pressure, but these will be our new prayer card and some of you will hang them somewhere visible for the year and so we need to look like models and my kids have to smile and the lighting has to be perfect. Only I’m not a model and in the middle of a very excruciating growing my bangs out process. My kids wouldn’t smile and our background wasn’t ideal. 

So, here is the best family picture we got yesterday. 

IMG 6419

Yes, it is only one member of my family. Right now, I think that’s acceptable, right?

I raise my cupcake to an off-the-day redo. 


T and M said...

Oh Amy! this made me smile : ) Re-dos definitely happen around here too! Hope you guys make some good memories this weekend & enjoy some sweet family time. Mandy

Anonymous said...

I really like their long braids. Looks like a lot of work. Thanks for posting.
Brenda B.

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy birthday to two beautiful girls!! Give them hugs for us!!:) Hope it is a special weekend as well... I love the pictures, they are all so precious!
Now tell their hair really that long? Love the long braids!!:)and did you do it?


Brooke Bertsch said...

Their long braids are so cute! Happy Birthday to two beautiful girls