Saturday, November 2, 2013

Part Two

Sunday morning, we went to another "meeting" in Ziway. Another beautiful celebration put on by the community members to express thankfulness at the schools. Once again, completely humbling. We were so blessed to be there and experience the hospitality and generosity.

IMG 0766

Included in the program was a sermon, from what I gathered, talking about the importance of God's Word.

IMG 0753

Two very happy children given another dress. 

IMG 5661

The kids from Samuel's home. (Orphaned children placed in a loving home through Misgana Ministries). Such a blessing to see them joyful and thriving. 

IMG 5673

A trip out to beautiful Lake Ziway...

IMG 5677

Two very fancy children.

IMG 5698

So blessed to be a part of this whole weekend.



Kim Plattner said...

Tell the girls I LOVE their fancy dresses! : )

Casey said...

LOVED getting to meet you and your girls this weekend! I just wish we had more time to talk! God bless you guys and hopefully we'll connect again soon!

Sarah said...

love those dresses!!

Mindy said...

That last picture of the girls is stunning! Those dresses are gorgeous!

MJgerst said...

Love the dresses! The girls are absolutely adorable!!

Christen Leigh said...

Doing some blog catch up.....LOVE the outfits you got as gifts--the girls look gorgeous in them!! So fun! :)