Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We're Not Missing Fall...

I mean, yes, we miss it, but it's been very celebrated in our apartment building. 

I am drafting our first print newsletter since being here…I struggle with what to write. Do I focus on how much life here amazes us, how thankful we are to have the privilege of serving here? Do I write also how my hearts aches so much sometimes I am surprised at the physical pain of it? How many times I have wet the shoulders of Jon's t-shirts with my tears? You guys, we've hit five months of being here and it's been good. Oh. so. good…but. oh. so. hard. You can pray I know what to write in that one page document to sum up five months and three moves. :) 

Our Fall festivities started with pumpkin carving night.


I was skeptical because we were using baking pumpkins with really thick flesh. I suggested painting on the pumpkins but there were some die hard traditionalists so I agreed as long as I was only required to be a support from the sidelines. I have about a 15 minute window to carve a pumpkin and still think it's fun. Maybe I am the grinch of Fall?!

On the 31st, we did some reverse trick-or-treating. We debated about this one as we didn't want to be the foreigners dumping candy.

Image 1

We decided the idea was a go and went to friends' homes and basically said (Remember, our languages is still very limited) "Today is a holiday in the USA where we dress up and give out candy, happy American holiday". It was so fun, so glad we did it.

 More to come…the newsletter beckons. :)





Sarah said...

Praying the writer blocks moves out of the way! 5 months! Hard to believe!

Christen Leigh said...

Fun post! You'll write a great update. :)

Tamara Widmer said...

That looks like fun...I am with you though on the VERY short window where carving pumpkins is fun! Hope the writing is going good.