Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Thank you for praying for Jon. His recovery has been what I can only call a miracle. Please continue to pray for our family, it feels we are in the middle of a storm.

Now today, I have a serious overkill of kayak pictures. I recognize that but am going to try and brake it up with other pictures so you don’t even notice. 

IMG 9514

Jon and Little A head out onto the lake. 

IMG 9837

Monkeys are always watching. I’ve heard they are great imitators and tried to teach them how to wave. No success.

IMG 9769

Charlotte takes out both Littles.

IMG 9776

While the dads coach from shore. 

IMG 9609

And this little peanut. I have never seen a toddler so into her accessorizes (and that’s saying something if we look back on The Littles).

IMG 9511

Matt and Charlotte take their turn.

IMG 6459

Trees to climb

IMG 9527

Little J concentrates on making a thumbs up.

IMG 9532

This portable hammock fits into a small bag about the size of a grape fruit. Talk about a genius invention.

IMG 9582

The girls spent at least an hour on this boat, pretending they were going to India.That was Charlotte’s idea. If The Littles were doing the planning, it would be a direct trip to IndiaNA.

IMG 9683

Jon and the Littles. When the girls would be in the kayak with Jon or I, they would repeatedly say, “This is so cozy”.

IMG 9631

Would you look at this girl? She found another pair of goggles.

IMG 9787

This was taken about 7 feet off shore. We made a rule about solo kayaking, you have to know your left from right and then you can go on your own.

We will be going back soon. :)


Kristen Hoerr said...

So does J know her left from right?? That's impressive. I'm sure she gets it from you, Ames. :) Great pics. I love the girls' huge hair!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Such fun pictures. So crazy that you see monkeys out and about.

Sarah said...

love these pictures!