Tuesday, March 4, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Resources

When I find something great, I just want to share it. 

You’re welcome. :)


So many sites I love. For now, here are two faves.

www.alifeoverseas.com -Written by missionaries and expatriates. Thought provoking and insightful. I think even if you aren’t overseas, if you just like to have your perspective widened or you are supporting someone overseas, this is a valuable website.

www.dijboutijones.com -Rachel is a brilliant writer. She lives in the Muslim world in Djibouti (Ethiopia’s only friendly sea neighbor). Also very thought provoking, she writes on TCK issues and is also a regular contributor to Babble.com.


Right after I married, thanks to Heidi and Lorelei, I got into essential oils. I have been meaning to do a blog post on the amazing effects of using all natural oils is but that may be another post for another day. My favorite place to buy top quality, low cost oils is found at Heritage Essential Oils. The CEO is a wonderful, Godly woman who I’ve met. They have comparable mixes to many competitors. For example, they don’t carry “Thieves” but have “Warrior”. Their website is also very educational.

Categoryalloils2If you live somewhere the power frequently goes off or maybe you like to camp, this is one my must have list. The D Light is a well-designed solar powered light. So easy to operate and the solar panel also charges cell phones. When our power goes off, we use this all night as a night light for the girls.  It has four levels of light, Level one (night light-100 hours!) level 2(16 hours) level 3(8 hours) level four(4 hours). Level four is very bright-super-impressed. It is also a company with a social impact and that is a win-win.

S300 HeroShot WithPhone

Okay, where have these been all my life? This discovery is amazing. Not only environmentally friendly, but they don’t need oiled. My muffins and cupcakes pop out of them, clean. I have used a few brands (another apartment here had some) and I think I would spring for the more expensive ones. My Chicago Metallic brand liners look brand new whereas the others (unsure of brand) have become brown around the top. 

(Click on the photo to follow the link)

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Now this one, I debated. I wanted to tell you about it long ago but it’s a little out there. Also, a game changer. So, I am posting this link. IF you are a woman (of child-bearing years) and IF you are open-minded about new things, check it out. If you are a man, please consider yourself sufficiently warned and do not click on this link.

Diva Cup

Yesterday, we got a box and it had a Pampered Chef oil spritzer in it! Thanks Jessica B!! This is an online stock photo that I found, not exactly what the one I received looks like (Mine is cooler) but you can use any kind of oil and have your own (healthier and more eco-friendly) container of cooking spray. Too bad I don’t need to oil my muffin cups :).

2506 product


What about you? What are your revolutionary, go-to items?


Mindy said...

We just recently got into essential oils too and are LOVING them!!!!

And I just added those baking cups to my amazon wish list! woohoo! Thanks for the fun suggestions!!

Rachel said...

Thanks Amy! This is super helpful. And I have also debated about mentioning the diva cup on my blog, but so far I haven't done it. But I recently started using one because I think it will be so helpful for being overseas! TMI for some people, probably :) Love ya!

Christen Leigh said...

Fun recommendations! I was wondering if you'd ever post about the diva cup. And thanks to you I started trying essential oils last fall! :) muffin tins are intriguing--going to look into those! :)

Nichole said...

i've been wanting to check out essential oils. - thanks for the link.

and the diva cup. i have been intrigued by the idea for quite awhile and have thought many times, "perfect for missionaries!" :)

emilykate said...

Fun post! Definitely interested in that oil spritzer.
I actually got into the diva cup because Christen recommended it via you. However, I haven't had a lot of luck with it...kind of uncomfortable and leaks a lot. (Hopefully no guys will read this comment). :)

leah said...

Ha, I'll join the diva cup fans! Christen mentioned it to me awhile back and I'm a believer. Love it!