Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Process of A Hippo Cruise

And because I cannot possibly show only two pictures, I am going to drag our Langano trip out on the blog because it was so fun.

First, please pray for Jon. He is sicker than I have ever seen him. This morning, if we would have had 9-1-1, I would have called it. Instead I banged on our neighbor’s door who knew another neighbor close by who has an uncle who is a doctor from Norway  who rushed over and this all happened on our bathroom floor before 7:00 am. A friend took him to SIM clinic and we are waiting to hear what is going on…best case scenario would be food poisoning because that usually passes quickly (after much immediate havoc to the system).

Back to Langano, out on the lake, we did a hippo cruise.

IMG 9441

Now, these rides are fun as you look across the water to race to see it first and then it gets hysterical as different personalities on the boat come out. There are the shrieks from people, “Get back! Get out of here!” at the same time other voices are shouting, “There it is, get closer, this way, this way!”. All foreigners pull cameras with big lenses out and try to capture the shot and so they stand while the locals stand up to keep an eye out for safety and have folklore surrounding the dangers of hippos. Add three languages into the yelling and it’s a wonder with the frenzy that we don’t capsize ourselves.

IMG 9444

We were able to get to know another missionary family on our trip too, such a fun, little world.

IMG 9447

Our best hippo picture. 

As I previously mentioned, it felt like we were living in a nature preserve.

IMG 9796

IMG 9494

Walking down to the beach. 

But I’ll save the beach pictures for tomorrow. 


Kim Plattner said...

So sorry to hear about John's sickness! Will pray for healing!

What amazing pictures! Love you all!

emilykate said...

Praying for Jon!