Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I’ll smatter some pictures up here. Some previously published on other social media venues, others first time ever seen right here! :)

IMG 1964

Oh look, how convenient, my chicken cordon bleu has a handle! 

This next picture has a story. I was flattered that so many think I am such a laid back mama as when this was posted on Facebook and Instagram, I quickly realized from the comments, people thought these giraffes were real.

IMG 1953

Thank you for thinking I am chill enough to let my kids ride bareback on a giraffe that would give the girls at least a 6 foot drop should the said giraffe get ornery. :) These are statues, really fun and apparently life like statues. 

IMG 2020

The Littles love to spend time at HQ. We have had some serious problems and for about three weeks haven’t had a washing machine or water (Praise the Lord, as of today, we have water coming out of our faucets!) So, we’ve been having our laundry done at HQ and the girls love the playground.

IMG 1954

This looks like a picture of a picture. It is. Little J was taken by this piece of art as we toured “Women at Risk” and couldn’t move from her viewing perch. She arranged her baby doll in her arms so it looked the same. We negotiated moving on because I took this picture and she can look at it whenever she wants. 

IMG 9358

Out our two story window, this was our view the other day. I would not want to be a tree cutter here.

IMG 9278

Goofballs that melt our hearts.

IMG 9242

We had a toilet paper snow man building contest with some friends.

IMG 9243

They may have won.

IMG 1696

The girls played in these cars at Bingham playground making comments like, “Okay, just be patient, traffic is so bad!"

IMG 1631

J learns to mountain climb at a playground.

IMG 1642

Friends treated us to a day at the nicest swimming pool in town. It was awesome. 

IMG 1610

Our friends, who are from our home state, and have been in language school with us from the beginning, graduated and moved to a private tutor. We still hang out but sad not to see them every morning.  Jon and I actually moved to a private tutor a few weeks later. 

IMG 1595

The girls have been begging for this hairstyle. I’ve repeatedly said no because I don’t love the look and also because it only lasts a day. I was persuaded when Little J sweetly told me one day, “It’s okay mama, I will just do my hair like this every day after you die”. I realized it had potential of being one of those moments my kids would talk about the rest of their lives as they wear this hairstyle and say, “Do you remember when Mom never let us do our hair like this?” 





Sandra said...

Loved the picture update!!

David and Larisa said...

I love your blog, Amy! Thanks so much for giving us all a peek into your lives. You are in our prayers!

Sarah said...

lol about the giraffes. I TOTALLY fell for it (even though that wasn't your intent). I showed KLint the picture and he was like, "do you REALLY think they would be allowed to ride giraffes??!". I didn't know, I thought if you could it would have to be in Africa :)

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Great pictures. They look cute in their pony tails. It's hard to believe their hair is THAT long!