Friday, March 28, 2014

Some Days Are Just Meant For Snapping Pictures

After my girls are squeaky clean and freshly detangled, it’s hard to resist the camera.

IMG 9862

IMG 9882

IMG 9887

IMG 9889

Happy Weekend!



Todd ~ Teresa said...

Super Cute!

Anonymous said...

AWWESOME!!! Soo precious!! Thankful they have each other!!:) Is one slightly taller than the other? They truly are IDENTICAL! WOW!! When I thought I had them figured out, Im realizing it is impossible! You have to have intelligent eyes. What do people in Ethopia say about them being twins. Did you mention before it is a bit rare for a set of twins in Ethopia? :) Twins are just amazing... you guys are so blessed! :)
Much love, Heidi C.

David and Larisa said...

Konjo!! They are so lovely, Amy....and getting so BIG!

Sarah said...

WHEN did they grow up?! God gave them some amazing hair :)

Jessica said...

This hair-do makes them look younger. And gives me the urge to squeeze them!! :) Praying for your family today!!