Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Back To Langano

We didn’t fly out today to our delayed vacation. Bummer. Really big one. However, call us crazy, but we are trying to shuffle tickets and sights so we can still vacation. 

Our weekend in Langano was stellar. God is really showing off there…around every corner there is something to take your breath away. 

IMG 0092

IMG 9991

IMG 0036

These pelicans swam in a group and would find a school of fish.

IMG 0031

Bottoms up!  All the pelicans would come up with fish.

IMG 9941

IMG 0069

IMG 9975

IMG 0088


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous scenery and gorgeous little girls!

Brooke Bertsch said...

Bautiful!!! Thanks for sharing these pics. I am sure these photos do not compare to the real deal. Would love for you to follow along as we get closer to traveling. http://bertschfamilyjournal.blogspot.com/