Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter in Ethiopia

Though we missed our first chance to celebrate Easter in Ethiopia, we were blessed to return and feel a sense of familiarity wrap around us, even from the airport. 

The holiday has trailed on a bit. This ends a long fast for the Ethiopian Orthodox and now for two months, there is no set fasts within this church. Today a shopkeeper told me she likes this time where she can eat what she wants but she also doesn’t feel as close to God.

A few men, who have been reading the Bible with Jon have had their hearts opened through the Scriptures and have a growing appreciation for Jesus’ resurrection, came over with Easter cards for us in the evening. In which, they profess their love for Christ and their thankfulness for what He has done. 

Traditional Ethiopian Orthodox clothing is typically seen on the streets on any given day but especially around a holiday. 

IMG 2407

Fikhado is dressed in traditional priest garb. He has had this outfit for ten years and has managed to keep it spotless.

IMG 2408

Traditional hair style along with traditional dress


We have more vacation pictures to come, I just don’t want you to think we only play on the beach. :)

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