Friday, April 18, 2014


It’s Good Friday. Reflecting on Easter here has been different. None of my normal visual clues that Easter is approaching are present. The days have run together like a blur and in Zanzibar, a minuscule part of the population celebrate the resurrection.

Vacation has been so good. Our eyes are full of amazing scenery, each breeze, each wave pointing to our great Creator. 

IMG 1009

A bucket fell off a fishing boat so the girls tamed that bucket, riding it over waves. The ocean is at least 90 degrees.

Jon is like energizer daddy. I swim for awhile but The Littles can go all day and Jon does too! I’m so glad!

IMG 1015

Because of rainy season, it’s pretty quiet around here but the sun has been tricking the weather man and sneaks through the clouds.

IMG 1084

Although, the rain doesn’t stop the girls from a swim.

IMG 1024

The beach has an amazing tide. In the morning, there is probably 200 meters of exposed white sand. In the afternoons, the waves crash against the stone wall. The beach is also like the public sidewalk. 

IMG 1049

As we walk down the beach, because the adoption culture isn’t known, we create much confusion.

IMG 1056

Everybody joined in collecting. The kids are from a fishing village right on the beach. The wide conclusion seems to be that we are babysitting and we can’t speak Swahili to explain that the girls are our children and our pantomimes do nothing to bring understanding. We are definitely studied a lot. 

IMG 1166

Thoughtour Easter season has been different than ever before, we are no less thankful for Jesus' Redemptive power.

IMG 1247

IMG 1174

The girls are learning some important lessons, like how to swim, that it’s okay to pee in the ocean and how to outrun the waves. 

May your Easter be blessed. Thanks for loving us and supporting us so well. 

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Todd ~ Teresa said...

The scenery is BEAUTIFUL! Hope your vacation was a relaxing and fun as your pictures and posts have been.