Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baby Dik-Dik

Our neighbors rescued this baby Dik-Dik. 

IMG 2406

How are baby animals so cute!?!

Jon also spotted a bush baby in Tanzania. They are one of the most obnoxious sounding animals.


He went to go scare it away so we could sleep (it sounds like a cross between a dying duck and an obnoxious dog). Doesn’t this look like a cartoon?!

We sorely miss our children’s zoo but we also stumble upon amazing animals.


This herd of camels blocked the road. We inched by these animals that seem so proud. In Ethiopia, if you hit an animal, you pay for it on the spot. We don’t carry enough cash to cover hitting a camel one is worth about $1000 USD. Many people groups drink their rich milk.

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