Saturday, April 12, 2014

Off The Beaten Path

Our family is on vacation!  We are a bit off the beaten patch. We rented a house with a private pool in a small fishing village that is within walking distance to the beach. However, we were told that it wasn’t a good beach, not for tourists. 


Walking down to the beach was a banana plantation underneath a coconut grove. It was a glorious view of sunshine and God’s creation!

The island we are on is known for beautiful beaches. It’s rainy season so we time our outdoor time between showers. When the sun shines, the Indian Ocean is the fabulous turquoise color. The beach is amazing. Not great to swim on as the water is very rocky. 

IMG 0187

I wonder how many languages in which I have had the adoption conversation. It ends up with a lot of acting to convey, yes, they are twins, yes, they are ours. Usually met with incredulity and joy. 

IMG 0235

And then on to exploring! Dhow fishing boats to peer into, rocks to climb, new things to see...

IMG 0276

A fishing boat comes in before a downpour.

IMG 0280

The Littles investigate the fish that arrive on shore, still alive. They both decided it was gross.

IMG 0289

Hmm. Though off the beaten path, we are amazed at the beauty.



Christen Leigh said...

Such beautiful pictures!!! :)

Mindy said...

Wow, it looks gorgeous!! Enjoy!

Sarah said...

so glad you could go! Looks refreshing and beautiful!