Thursday, April 3, 2014

On The Road Again

Today was the day we were supposed to go on a beach vacation. Circumstances were such that we couldn’t travel today so we bumped back our trip five days. Lordwilling, we still get to go, but when you are four, or let’s be honest, 30, plans that continually shift can be hard to swallow.

IMG 1927

The Littles were beyond bummed (Ok, so were we). Which is why it is so great to have loyal friends who can you send a last minute text to, “Hey, can we come to visit?” We made it okay by planning a last minute visit to Langano, which you saw a lot of a few weeks back.

I spent the day making food, getting groceries and unpacking for a trip on the Kenyan coast and repacking for a trip in rural Ethiopia.

As always, traveling brings great fun and adventure but certain risks so your prayers for our protection are so appreciated. 

You all love us so well. Thank you.

IMG 1454

And just because she’s cute in my glasses.

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Rachel said...

Oh my...she looks so old in that last picture! Bummer about your trip, but sounds like you aren't letting it affect your attitude! That's the hard part for me!