Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bike Repair

Our family has the joy of sponsoring Binyam's education. Before he left for another school session, he was given a bike and needed the tires fixed. Many times according to culture, these extras are often paid for by the sponsor. Jon went down to assess the situation and help with the tires.

IMG 7096

And any street repair draws a small crowd.

IMG 7097

And toddlers walking away with bike parts.

IMG 7091

These kids love The Littles. J and A have gotten better at playing together, letting their hands be held. A is in the  red dress.

IMG 7124

A few group shots. 

IMG 7126

IMG 7133

IMG 7140

 This little boy loves to hold the girls’ hands. J said, “Mom, I think Temesgen really loves me”. This was after I comforted her as he was holding her hand and running down stairs so fast she fell.





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