Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Drive By Car Wash

Addis Ababa is under massive construction. There is a train going in, right through the thick of the city. It definitely follows my motto, "It has to get worse before it gets better".  Parts of the city look like a war zone. There are high hopes for what the train will do for moving people efficiently and safely.

Driving to the grocery one day, a man sat on the back of a water truck, spraying to keep dust down. 

 We creeped along behind the truck, cracking up, watching as the man showered cars, motorcycles and pedestrians. 
Everyone was laughing. The pedestrians were coming from the opposite direction and so he didn't see them ahead of time. 
Notice the man on the left of the picture in a full on sprint while the hose sprayed the other direction.

If you need a 47 second laugh, watch the video. 

Life here is many things but boring is hardly one of them.

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