Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Airport

IMG 1560

We waited impatiently at the airport. Unless you are a passenger or have a special pass, you aren’t allowed in the airport. So, we each packed a carry on and walked right in. :) The girls made welcome signs and we drank macchiatos to pass the time. They were nervous but excited.

And then I saw them, my sister, Kristen and brother-in-law, Nick in the customs line. I waved through the crowd and the mass turned around to see me, standing on my tip toes, arms up in the air, having just caught a view. When they heard it was my sister and I hadn’t seen her in a year, everyone was so sweet and happy for me that they arrived. It was a randomly special moment shared with strangers, many relating to not seeing their family in a very long time as many Ethiopians have relatives abroad, working in different countries.IMG 1570  Version 2

IMG 1572

It was so good to hug them, to see them. 


Sigh. :) We have lots of catching up to do. It’s started with Nick and Kristen doing whatever the girls want. ;)



Joy said...

Oh my goodness!!! Have so much fun!! I started crying when I read this. I can't imagine how many tears I would cry if I saw my sister or mom for the first time after a year. So thankful they got to come. Enjoy!

Mindy said...

Oh this makes me tear up!! I'm just so so thankful they are there to love on your sweet family!!! Have a fantastic time! I know you will relish every moment you have together!

Sandra said...

I too got a knot in my throat!! Enjoy and have sooooo much fun.

Jenny Gutwein said...


smw said...

this got me all teared up. I hope you are having a wonderful wonderful time together.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely priceless moment! And of course I have tears! Reunions are just so special. Enjoy and soak up your together time. Hugs and kisses from us!

L, Ann and boys said...

wonderful... :) Hope they like the goldfish ;)

Anonymous said...

Precious...thankful...cant get enough of those happy reuniting pictures. I can almost see you from miles away jumping for joy seeing your beloved sister and brother in law. So happy for you all!!!

Lotsa love to you all!!
Heidi C.

Kim Plattner said...

So excited for you all!! I hope you have a sweet time together!!