Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Running Commentary

My commentary on recent happenings.

IMG 2415

Do you like cream cheese? Me too and for 20 dollars, this 7 ounces of light cream cheese could be mine. My brother-in-law Nick mentioned that if he were cream cheese, he would be worth around $10,000. 

IMG 6944

Due to uncharacteristic tensions on the streets, church was cancelled so we gathered with neighbors (from Ethiopia, US, Finland and Norway) and had church.IMG 6891

Jon and Nick made a quick trip to Injibara to switch out vehicles for the project, one day up, one day back. I am so glad that Jon had a friend to go with him! We are getting so ready to move to Injibara.

IMG 6912

It’s starting to green up again as the rains have started.

IMG 6924

Jon said driving through the cloudy Blue Nile Gorge with low clouds was like piloting a plane. 

Thanks to the prayers of many, it was a safe, productive trip. On the way back, they witnessed a fatal accident and rushed to the scene. Kind of difficult.

IMG 2467

Sunday morning Bible study with friends.

IMG 7080

The girls are getting a bit better at making friends. We’ve been working on small ways they can spread their wings and become more independent. So, most days, they have also been choosing their own clothes. They are probably about as good at this as they are at making friends. :)

IMG 2500

Somedays, I immediately veto the selection. See above picture. We didn’t go out like this. 

IMG 2432Hey look! I found Target!

I had a Target dream two nights ago. I was in the dressing room and had a cart full of options. I was thinking about missing care packages (they are here somewhere…just can’t find them in the post office) and in my subconscious it stirred a desire to go to Super Target.   

IMG 2465

I don’t have a Target but I have a souk on the corner! It’s kind of the same. Okay. No, totally different. I adore this girl. 

IMG 6943

Sweet neighborhood girls. 

IMG 2456

Little J with her faithful stead. Yes, her outfit choice. ;) 



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Kristen Hoerr said...

My husband is worth far more than his weight in cream cheese.