Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Portuguese Bridge, Porcupines and Precipices

Nick and Kristen have already got to experience the way plans can change around here. In the mornings, Jon and I are still studying language, but not today, we took off to go to a swimming pool and after the girls had on their swimsuits, I decided to call and make sure we could swim. Umm. No, the pool is empty, so we went north instead, for a hike and a meal.

IMG 1575

We arrived at the restaurant, planning to eat but the restaurant was closed for the week. Everyone flexed and kept their smiles and ate lots of trail mix.

IMG 1623

We hiked down to the Portuguese bridge, and laughed at the steep drop offs with no guard rails and thankfully didn’t plunge to our deaths. 

IMG 1625

We saw where there would be waterfalls in the rainy season. As amazing as the waterfalls would be, I was glad it wasn’t wet because it would have been slippery and there wasn’t much room for slipping as the precipice was always very near.

IMG 1633

Behind this group is where the first waterfall should pour over. The pool behind Jon is 45 feet deep.

IMG 1670

And then there were cacti (or porcupines) to avoid. J touched one. :( Thankfully there were some skilled men at removing the prickles nearby.

IMG 1661

The views didn’t disappoint. Although we may return in rainy season, to see the multiple waterfalls, that was plenty of adventure for our first expedition. 

IMG 1583

Beloved visitors are definitely a win for everyone. :)



Mindy said...

WOW, the view!!! Looks like a fun day despite being deterred from your original plans!

Sarah said...

your girls look SO happy!! Love these posts and so glad you have visitors!

Justin & Sarah said...

The smiles on the girls' faces say it all!!!! I am so happy for both them and you!!