Tuesday, May 27, 2014


On Saturday, we went on another day trip and due to it being market day, spent a lot of time on the road. 

It was beautiful country we haven’s sen yet, so still very worth it.

IMG 2721

Gurage country, so green even before rainy season.

IMG 1725

Playing hide-n-go-seek.

IMG 1755

Nick, Kris and Jon all rolled around the kiddy pool with the girls.

IMG 1721

Hunting monkeys

IMG 1760

Mindy, the swimsuits are awesome! Thank you!

IMG 1705

Showing their swimming and floating skills

IMG 1732

IMG 1739

Macchiatos in a tree house

IMG 1743 How can their departure date be tonight?!?


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Mindy said...

What a wonderful trip! Looks beautiful! I'm SO glad the swim suits fit!! They look darling!!!!

Such a bittersweet day for you all - so thankful they were able to come love on you all. I'll be praying as I know this will be such a difficult departure. Love and hugs!