Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Mountain Just Begging To Be Climbed

Guys, I am sitting in an internet shop, have wifi and am so gleeful, I am can even block out the horrible music squeaking through the speakers. :)

This is the mountain seen in about 80% of our photos. :) Despite it being rainy season, when Chad was here, Jon used it as motivation to hike this mountain. They talked Feysil into going too.

IMG 2783

IMG 2806

Christen was going to go but wasn’t feeling great so she stayed back. After we heard about the hike, we were both glad we stayed back. They had to scale large areas. One spot they guessed was 50 feet.

IMG 2813

If I would have been there, my fun mantra may have stopped things. “GUYS, WE HAVE NO EMERGENCY ROOM”.

IMG 2858

When they got to the top, they called us but we couldn’t see them. I asked how it was. Jon responded, “Umm. Insane"

IMG 2866

As all three of the men knew they could be seriously injured, this group of shepherd kids joined them, like it was no big deal.

IMG 8037

Scaling, up, up, up

IMG 8060

The walking sticks were a must on the way up. (I am heavily featuring you, Chad, because you hardly ever are on the blog. ;))

IMG 8070

Can you believe this?  Yeah, me neither.

Chad on far left, Feysil in center, shepherd kids on right

IMG 8090

The men were thankful for the shepherd kids on the way back, who guided them. All three resorted to sliding down on the slippery grass. The kids took their walking sticks, they couldn’t believe how slow Jon, Chad and Feysil were.

IMG 8094

That is where they climbed. They did it. If you come during dry season, I am sure you can talk Jon and Feysil into doing it. Feysil said he will never do it during rainy season again. :)




Mindy said... Crazy boys!!

Anonymous said...

So thankful Feysil will not climb again in the rainy season! Jon won't either, right? So thankful they made it back (alive!) to show us pictures of the amazing beauty!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Crazy! But beautiful beautiful beautiful!