Thursday, July 10, 2014

High Maintenance Guests

These two leave tomorrow. :(

IMG 3025

We’ve had so much fun.

It’s been awesome and while we are thankful for a million reasons, we were unexpectedly thankful as Chad and Chris are very high maintenance guests and by high maintenance, I mean incredibly flexible and spent so much time helping us with maintenance. The house that we have been graciously given is amazing and we are so thankful for every part of it. 

However, just as with all houses, they age and need a little love. Chad and Jon spent time fixing multiple issues and Chad and Christen flexed with our nearly camp out experience. They had a truly “unplugged” experience as we have had no opportunity to connect. We are in a city with wifi right now!

Without going into too much detail, they experienced lack of power, water, functioning septic system, internet and cell phone coverage. There may have been a need to poop in a bucket. 

IMG 2677

Notice they are laughing in the rain, you can’t see they are covered in umm…septic fluid. If Chad wasn’t here, I don’t think Jon could have been laughing.

IMG 2872

And then there were some serious electric issues. As in, the men spent some significant amount of time rewiring and learning as they went. 

IMG 2675

When there is no hardware, the men learned to do things in very creative ways.

IMG 2451

Trying to hook up the washing machine with Feysil...

We are making progress!  

And now tomorrow we say goodbye again, it makes my stomach hurt thinking about it but we are unbelievable thankful for their time with us. 

More fun pictures to come!



Todd ~ Teresa said...

Certainly God scheduled your problems at the right time.

Sandra said...

I can't agree more with Teresa!! So glad chad and christen were willing and able to be there to help out! I can't imagine having to say goodbye;(. Any more guests coming to visit that you can look forward to??