Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Which Country Do We Choose?

Happy fourth!  We have come a loooooonnnngggg way from our first American Independence Day in Ethiopia, check out last year in the archives (July 2013), sorry, our internet isn’t fast enough to link…actually, it’s been non-existent.

Our holiday was so different because in large part because we had friends to celebrate with as well as the blessing of a few of you who sent us red, white and blue decor. 

Chad and Christen have graciously dove into many cultural experiences, so cultural we haven’t been able to take pictures. Ha!  We try to be sensitive where we snap photos.

IMG 2531

It was an amazing, busy day.

IMG 2574

IMG 2571

IMG 2580

Hurrying down the mountain before the rain

IMG 2598


IMG 2619

We ended the night with a celebration in a hut, decorated in red, white and blue with Chad and Christen, our teammates, Mark and Debbie, and our family. 

IMG 2629

Playing soccer in the orchard.

IMG 2632

Mark grilled us hamburgers.

The night started with a army ant attack. Army ants are unique in the sneaky fact that they are unnoticed as they creep all over your entire body and then using their giant chompers to latch on to your skin, in every very inconvenient place. I mean, from my head to my feet, my entire body, as in, Christen and Jada and Adia stood guard and shouted encouragement while I…well, it wasn’t fun or an experience I ever want to repeat. Though it was very memorable.

IMG 2635

Eating hamburgers and macaroni and cheese with glow sticks! Thanks Aunt Susie, they were a perfect firework replacement. I know the photo is blurry, but I wanted you to see our glow.

IMG 2644

What I didn’t expect about today was how much The Littles felt like celebrating USA history required choosing of sides. Like we had to choose which was better, where we truly belonged. I tried to explain we can be in Ethiopia and appreciate American culture but they were vexed and were very loyal to America (even though this morning they didn’t remember what our flag looked like). :)

IMG 2657

IMG 2660

 Then we Fourth of July caroled (of course Jon’s idea) until the girls were so tired they could no longer function.

IMG 2498

Happy fourth! 




Shari Fiechter said...

Such fun pictures! So glad you had such a memorable 4th!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Fun post! So good to see you all having a great time.

Kristen Hoerr said...

Looks adventurous! Can't wait to hear Chad and Christen's version. :) Love you

Kristi said...

must say, I laughed when I read "vexed."
I'm so glad you have Chad and Christen for a while!
Much love from the Reinhards!

Anonymous said...

Just getting around to this post and the "4th of July caroling" will keep them up to speed with Wally World Celebrations!