Tuesday, July 15, 2014

One Minute Bursts

As you may have noticed, internet has not been easy to come by for us. I am currently getting it a few times a day in one to two minute spurts. It sometimes pulls in e-mail or sends a few. 

This morning, after the day had started, I paused long enough to sip coffee and just let myself feel sad that our visitors were again an ocean away. My cousin, Matt, was married yesterday and a good friend, Jenna, was married on Saturday. I drink my coffee with loads of sugar so the heartache was more bitter than my brew.  The joy is deep too, sometimes I think the sadness also can acutely deepen the momentum that we feel in the spot we live now.  I looked out at the mountain, towering over huts and beloved shepherd kids and I smiled and could move from my frozen spot.  

IMG 2780

IMG 2731

You will still get pictures of Chad and Christen’s trip, it may just come in one photo bursts, to go along with our one-minute burst of internet



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Rachel said...

Love you, Amy...and so glad you had such a good time with Chad and Christen. We had a great time at Jenna's wedding, too...wish you guys could have been there but I will post lots of pictures for you on the blog! Stay tuned :) Praying for you right now!