Friday, July 11, 2014

The Nile River and The Chocolate Waterfall

Hiking along the Nile River with Chad and Chris was so fun…a little hard to get to, but nothing our minibus and driver, Jon, couldn’t handle. 

IMG 2885

The Nile with the girls hiking in frilly dresses. Why? Because we don’t have much opportunity to dress up and we were in a different state. 


IMG 2887

Our boat driver on the Nile

IMG 2892

I spy a crocodile!

IMG 2896

 Our boat trip

IMG 2900

Our first glimpse of the Blue Nile Falls

IMG 2909

Crossing an amazing suspension bridge over a cavern. According to the girls, “Hey, this bounces!"

IMG 2920

Clearing off the bridge to make room for the donkeys and their loads

IMG 2931

The falls was smaller than normal but still amazing…besides the brown color.

IMG 2976

A mountainside sing-a-long

IMG 2959

Chad and Jon hiked down until I could handle it no longer and called them back. Here, there is a mantra going through my mind in the face of anything slightly dangerous, “There is no emergency room”. I am really fun like that.

IMG 2958

Soaking in the spray

IMG 2989

This is well after the dramamine I had administered for the bumpy ride in the van took effect. Good thing Uncle Chad and Daddy were willing to haul them on their shoulders

IMG 2992

J was in a drug-induced exhaustion/state of general mischievousness.

Chad and Christen fly out tonight. We have loved each minute with them.

I am not sure when we will have internet again, so we will do our best to post pictures of their time with us in Injibara!

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