Friday, July 25, 2014


Our neighbor is prepping his field through multiple plowings, so fascinating to watch.

IMG 3132

Solomon follows his father and breaks up dirt clods and picks up rocks.

IMG 3135

His daughter, Werknish, does the same, directly behind the plow.

IMG 3138

Our house, right behind the field.

IMG 3139

This path has about only a 2 foot opening because of the stinging nettles (and, OH, they sting). Yeshuas yelled out to me, “Come on in, Amy!” It took me about 3 minutes to try and figure out the best entrance procedure. I knew even the horses went through so I squatted down and tried to make it through without touching scraping leaves. Not successful. I didn’t complain though, just to Jon later. ;)

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Marilyn said...

Try rubbing mud on the nettles, that should take the sting out!