Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A New Neighbor

Adgo has lived on our property way before it was ours. He is a dear friend of our teammates, Mark and Debbie, and when they gave us the blueberry house, we also gained a good friend and guard in Adgo. 

We’ve loved having him around, though we don’t see him too much as he keeps busy with work. Until now. Adgo got married and Emabet moved in and now we have a very dear neighbor woman.

IMG 3593

She is a young woman and full of joy. This picture (excuse the poor quality) was excitement and disbelief when she saw the Littles’ dolls. She was frightened at first and then giggled as she tried to get it to talk. 

IMG 3577

One afternoon, we watched her make injera over an open fire. We’re going to love another lady around here. :) 


Anonymous said...

What a blessing for all of you girls!

teresa said...

Ahh, Thank You, Lord, for the blessing of friendship! May you all be an encouragement to each other!