Tuesday, February 3, 2015


And I found this fun picture with three really amazing woman...

IMG 2953

 All wearing blue. This was at a Christmas, a few minutes before I was overcome with sickness, glad we got a pic first. :)

I started this post days ago and titled it thinking about the toys, spinning tops. It felt like in the USA, we were all spinning at full speed and having so much fun. We got back to Addis and continued to have a party with friends, spinning at full speed for a few days  but then jet lag, transition and everything else hit and we all started to wobble, but we weren’t individually steady enough to handle a bump, so we were big grumps. Our family finally pulled back from much of the social, acknowledged we were all a mess and weathered the wobbles.   Back in Injibara, I think we are through the worst of the teetering. 

A few snaps from the past week.

IMG 3564

We’ve lost our high-altitude hiking endurance and by “we” I mean two girls who decided they could no longer do it. We persevered and hope the next time goes better. 

IMG 3572

We usually gain climbing buddies. The two boys were so helpful and would carry The Littles through parts.

IMG 5252

Early one morning, the girls had their suits on and their babies with them at the “beach"

IMG 5233

Jon had the great idea of taking the guitar into the pasture on Sunday afternoon. That is normally when we take out the ball and then the girls have nothing to do as the boys only play soccer. The interest was high in this new instrument and so everyone just listened.

IMG 5239

The boys didn’t leave to play soccer.

IMG 5194

The girls one morning when I was supposed to be starting school and they were wearing everything in their dress up box instead. I didn’t really care as I wasn’t organized enough to think about school yet.

IMG 5212

As it’s dry season, I don’t know how any animals are getting nutrients from the pasture, but the socialization is still high. :)

Prayer Request:

A few nights ago, our community experienced some really devastating incidences. It involves our friends and others we love. Will you pray for justice to be done and for peace to reign? As the illusion of security has again been 
revealed for the fraud it is, I am again reminded that we have to all find our safety in God alone. 



cait kaehr said...

So glad you're through the worst of the teetering... Praying for you guys always...

Christen Leigh said...

Great pictures--enjoyed reading about your transition back. :) love you guys!