Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Three-Legged Crawl

I’m back. :) Good morning!  Since arriving in Injibara, we’ve had internet on our phones but not computers. It’s been a week of catching up and resettling. It feels like we’ve been here longer than one week. as we readjust to our pace here, we are reminded to breathe deep and slow down. 

So, in week old news...

Day two of Field Days, The Littles knew what they were going into and didn’t want to race. 

Both girls started the obstacles, only Little A finished (she had an adult helping her). The kids at the school get to practice the events, ours did not, so Little A took it at a relaxed pace.

IMG 5886

There were many tears shed by Little J that she didn’t make it through and together, the Littles decided to do the three-legged race (though neither wanted to, they both didn’t want Little J to not succeed…twins ;)).

IMG 5898

With great concentration and little speed, they started down the track...

IMG 5902

They knew all that was required was to cross the finish line at some point, where Jon was waiting.

IMG 5905

Yay!  They finally made it!  Well after everyone else had crossed and found their parents. Oh, how we cheered!

IMG 5954

Next, the toddler races. This little guy was coaching his little sister, Desta. It was so precious.

IMG 5960

And they are off!

IMG 5978

Daddy-daughter races were the next event. Jon wasn’t in this heat, but notice the man in the red with FIVE daughters!  The other father had three...

IMG 5979

A close up on the dad with five girls.

IMG 5981

Next heat, the Littles were so glad to do this race with daddy.

IMG 5985

This race, they won!  The girls told me, “We didn’t just cross the finish line win, we were first, we really won!"

IMG 5995

These three girls carried their dad. :)

IMG 6022

Onto the mother son races. 

IMG 6053

The girls were so proud of their win, they chose to be in a family relay race. This time, they ran their hearts out and smiled the whole way.

IMG 6063

Jon finished strong.

IMG 6085

After the dad’s race, Jon talked with two friends on the field and a turtle slowly crawled by. It humored me.

IMG 6101

So proud of herself, snagging Mercy’s hat.

IMG 6135

Here are many of the SIM, “down-country” kids with many proud parents. Coming into the city and into a structured school for events they have never practiced didn’t keep them down. 

Have a great Monday!





Anonymous said...

So happy about this update as it is always so fun to see pictures of what is going on with all of you! We love you bunches!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

This looks like so much fun. The turtles always make me chuckle. If we had a large turtle strolling through our yards, the News Banner would come out and take a picture. :)