Friday, February 20, 2015

Singing, Shouting and Horses' Hooves

We sat in the schoolroom when we heard the noises, shouting, singing, horses’ hooves. We looked out the window and abandoned our lesson for a cultural one. 

IMG 5399

A processional for a neighboring town was in full swing, building awareness and excitement over Ethiopia’s new dam being constructed. (google this, fascinating) 

IMG 5384

Kids from the town marched along in their school uniforms. Followed by veterans.

IMG 5386

I had a moment of just enjoying the scene in front of me, the processional, the truck across the road in the pasture, waiting to be loaded, pole by pole. 

Work was halted, there were so many things to see.

IMG 5375

Each day seems to bring a little something unexpected. 

I think it keeps me young…and makes me old. Ha!



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