Monday, February 23, 2015

Sister, Sister

The Littles (who now look terribly big) have been busy. Like all five year olds, life is full of adventure, exploring, new experiences and drama. Okay, maybe the drama is just my kids?

IMG 5395

Our project director, Tafera and his family were over. These five were shrieking in laughter.

IMG 7843

Adgo won a trip to visit the site of the new dam. When he came back, her brought a souvenir of one sugar cane each for the girls. 

IMG 5368

Out of nowhere, dry season had a four day stretch of rain. The girls didn’t mind.

IMG 7855

Most five-year-olds have moved from nap times and most days, we skip it, but somedays, it cannot be overlooked. After a few hours I went in to wake them and found them on the same pillow. 

IMG 7877

Working on new skills, physically and socially

IMG 4056

One conversation we frequently have is the importance of acknowledging people based on the worth they have as a human, created by God. It’s hard for our shy girls who are greeted so many times a day. They are making forward strides though. This man was out while we were hiking and took A’s hand. She just smiled and walked along. 

IMG 7804

 They are still in the stage of not really being at all helpful in the kitchen but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to assist on every project.

Lately I have been trying to teach them the concept of personal space and “my bubble”. They are not catching it. The three of us, we are together, all day, everyday. Sometimes, they make me crazy but I know this time of them running to me is numbered before they are telling me about their personal space and bubbles they need and I’ll wistfully look back on the days when they were five and thought no one was as amazing as their mama. 


sarah.flyingkites said...

fun post!!

Prayers for those sweet girls - and you!

Kristen Hoerr said...

They are so fun! I love that they get to do life together. And with you and Jon. :) Praying you can enjoy the time without a personal "bubble" and that you can find the time for some personal space this week.

Anonymous said...

Loved all these pictures of the girls! I would love to relieve you of your duties and have them in my bubble of space for awhile! :-) Love you bunches, Mom

cait kaehr said...

Miss you all!! Love & prayers from Bluffton...

smw said...

I just love you all. So looking forward to hanging out this summer!!!

Kim Plattner said...

Sweet post, Amy! ((hugs)) to you all!