Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Court Date Details

As stated, our court date for the girls is March 1st.  Thank you so much for praying these girls home! 

If we pass, on March 1st, the girls are officially "ours". We could even start to post pictures then!  :)

I have recently read that the court date is about at a 50/50 pass/fail rate.  This wasn't a number put out by any government or agency, rather, estimates based on recent trends. 

Why Wouldn't We Pass?

On March 1st, a judge will review our dossier (stack of detailed paperwork, that has been authenticated in D.C.).  One missed detail in this can be cause for failing court.  Also, we need to have a few sentence letter from the Ethiopian MOWA (Ministry of Woman's Affairs).  If this letter isn't present, which is a common scenario, we would fail the first date.  In addition, birthfather has to be interviewed by the judge and sign off, one final time on the girls.  It is possible that he doesn't come as it is a long trip and it sounds like there is a different cultural importance of time/dates. 

If we don't pass our first date, a second date is given, usually 2-3 weeks later and our agency scrambles to fix the problem. 

After we pass court, an expected travel date is 4-6 weeks after court.

Please pray with us for March 1st. 

In honor of the snow and my new "every-post-must-have-a-picture" pact, some sledding shots. :)
Jon and Grey fly over a mound.  This reminds me so much of a Calvin and Hobbes!
Jennifer, Aunt Sharon and Sarah


Sandra said...

Congrats. My sister Joy told me about you guys and then a day later I was talking to Stephanie (we are neighbors) and she told me about you as well. So excited for you and pray these little girls will be in your care soon and that you pass court March 1st. It was so neat to take the past 45 minutes and read your entire blog. Can't wait to see some pictures of these girls you are about to get. Love the names alot!!

Nate and Joy said...

Hey...my name is Joy Rugaard. Just stumbled onto your blog through Abby's! We are also adopting a little boy from Ethiopia. We finally passed through court on our 5th try February 11th (vintageblu.blogspot.com). Just wanted to say that I will be praying for your court date, and for peace! I can honestly say (after taking a long time to learn..) that just SURRENDER your plans...let the Lord be best glorified in HIS timing! Hang in there while you wait! Joy

Heidi said...

I love how you explained your court date details can I copy that to put on my page .. you put it so simply

Justin & Sarah said...

We will be praying! We serve a Sovereign Lord. All manner of things are in His control - Life, death, politics, the weather, EVERYTHING. And we also know that God is good. So, we serve the One good, holy, just, awesome, sovereign God. Knowing that, we can pray as Christ taught us, "Your will be done." I heard a preacher give this example: If we are sick with cancer, we should pray "Lord if it brings you more glory to heal me, then please heal me. But Lord, if it brings you more glory that my cancer remains, please may it remain. Your will be done." So my prayer for you is this: If it be His will that the twins be joined to you right away, so be it. But if it bring Him more glory and honor for them to be delayed, than so be it. HIs will be done. Blessed be the name of our LORD! I know that this can be a difficult thing to pray. But, if we can actually pray and mean it, we can rejoice in time of suffering and waiting, because we know that it is for His glory! Not for our comfort or convenience in the present, but for His eternal glory.