Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why Don't I Learn?

Yesterday was not a good day (besides meeting family for dinner) :).  My vehicle as been in the shop, waiting for a part, so I have been housebond (since last Friday).  I waited on notification of a court date (really hoping it was on my birthday, March 8) and pictures of the girls.  My spirit was very "disquieted" within me and I was having a really hard time trusting God.  I know, I know, it seems like we have barely even started waiting, but patience has never been a strong suit. 

Jon says I only like immediate surprises, as in, "Hey, Ames, look, I've got a surprise, here it is!" and not "Hey, Ames, in two weeks from now, I have a surprise for you."

This morning I realized something about myself.  If there is a problem, I go after it.  I fix it.  I ask "excuse me, can I please speak to the manager?" or something.  Why do I insist on "doing" things?
This morning, my Bible study had me look at "resting" in God.  I had plans to be painting the room that would be the office for the day.  The Christian Radio station played a program about "resting".  With lots of time by myself and paint fumes, I was very convicted at my sin of impatience and lack of trust and surrender.  I finally surrendered, by the Grace of God, I just felt restful.  Restored to peace.

I just took a break from painting because I was parched and popped by my e-mail.


We have a court date!  Our court date is set for March 1st.  WHAT?!?  I KNOW!!!

I am so humbled. Feel so foolish.  To God be the Glory. 

John 3:30


Minders said...

YEAH!!!!! SO happy for you!!! What wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Congrats! Praying you sail right thru-

David and Larisa said...

Don't you just love the way that God works? We'll be praying that everything goes smoothly on your court date.

Jenna said...

That is awesome! We are very happy for you two, (and those two.. :) )

Jane said...

I miss so much when I don't check your blog every day! Such great news, day after day after day. You are blessed!!!!

Peggy said...

Isn't God good? Why do we ever doubt Him? He is so faithful to lead us so gently. I am so glad that you have your date!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! This is great and encouraging news! Waits are not always fun :)

Heidi said...

I'm with IAG too... we have a court date March 1st too.. I guess that means we could travel together? Your sweet twins are just so beautiful. As a mom of twins already truly is such a blessing. you will love it.
Here's our blog

J Gutwein said...

Wow Amy... not sure where I have been!!! I did not realize you were adopting or this close to receiving I am sure beautiful twin girls. We just returned from Ethio so please let me know if you have any questions and I would love to know your story, agency, etc... my email is and the blog is: Love, J