Monday, February 8, 2010

A Letter to the Birthfather

Dear H,
Words fail us. Oh that you could know how we have prayed for your daughters, we have waited for them. We expected God to grow the love in our hearts for your daughters, but what has knocked us over is the love and grief we feel with your family. We hadn’t thought much about you, the birthfather, but now that our joy is your loss, we think of you often, we cry for you and we pray for you.

We are so sorry that you lost your wife of 18+ years. We are so sorry you lost the mommy to your 8 children and so sad that you had to make the decision that you couldn’t care for your twins after the death of your wife. The only greater love we can think of is Christ giving Himself on the cross for us, for you. We pray for your salvation and the salvation of the 6 kids with you and for your comfort in your grief. We pray that you would feel assurance in your heart that your precious babies are going to have a Daddy and Mommy who, through the grace of God, will love them very much and will teach them in the Truth of the One God. We pray you would have enough food today and tomorrow.

Thank you H. We can’t comprehend the level of grief you are feeling, but please know, we love you and all 8 of your kids. We are incredibly honored to be the parents of two of your little gems.

May the God of comfort be known to you.
In the Love of Christ,
Jon and Amy


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet, sweet post. What you said is exactly the same thing we struggled with for several months even after being home. Our joy was Misikir's mothers' loss. It was heart wrenching. And it was so hard for me to understand how I could love a little boy who was not biologically mine just as much as if he was, when his own mother loved him that much too. I felt as if I was taking him away. But God puts these kids in our lives for reasons we can't even begin to understand. And blesses the socks right off us. It's incredible.

Wee said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!