Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Hudson!

We celebrated our nephews birthday this past weekend.  Justin and Sarah went all out with a "Cars" theme and Sarah made a beautiful cake! 

Grey and Hudson play with a remote control dinosaur
Our gracious hostess and Paige.  Paige is 16 months old and adorable!
Navy and Merritt
Jon read Hudson's new book.  Hudson loves "Cars" and dinosaurs.
Jake and Charlie, I hadn't seen Charlie since Thanksgiving and he has grown so much! 

With the kiddos running around, I started to get baby fever, worse!  We officially hit our 3 Week mark (since we said "yes" to the referral).  Oh my.  How time isn't flying.  :) We are thankful for the preparation time.  I just feel every day.  Adia and Jada are never far from our thoughts. Oh babies, we can't wait for you! 

I love this picture of Hudson, Post-multiple cupcakes.  :)
Hudson had a good day, lots of cupcakes, gifts and wrestling with the uncles.  :)


Justin & Sarah said...

Thanks for the pics Amy!! We really appreciate you guys making the trip ! We enjoyed having you there. :)

Jane E said...

Looks like a fun family time!
Jon looks like he is going to be a great book reader-the way he is gesturing and the look on his excited for you two!
Love ya