Monday, February 15, 2010

A Day Late

Yesterday was the famous/infamous Valentine’s Day. It depends on whether you are single or married to make that decision.  I told Jon that V-day is like a marriage tax…you know, an obligatory purchase, necessary to appease the wife. Jon thought I was really clever and asked if that means I don’t want a gift. I told him I would probably be mad if I didn’t get something heartfelt. :)

Other February 14th Milestones:

-Adia and Jada hit 3 months of age!

-Celebrate Ferris Wheel Day (I am not kidding, so if your local ferris wheels aren’t covered in snow, you should go out, a day late, but still fun).


(More to come on court details later this week)

Also, I have made a decision to not to have anymore bare posts. So, from here on out, you will have a picture with the post, even if it is completely unrelated! :)
Happy Valentine's Day! 
No, these weren't all for me.  It was Jon's client drop-by week, so I enjoyed lots of flowers until he made his deliveries!


Todd and Teresa said...

Hi Jon and Amy ~

I got to see new pics of Jada and Adia. They are very cute. I bet you have both studied those pictures very carefully.
When I first looked at the flower picture I thought Jon went a little overboard, until I read the post. :)

Kristen said...

I like the marriage tax analogy. :)

I can't believe the court date is only 4 weeks away!!