Thursday, December 30, 2010

GoodBye Mr. Yawns…

Take a quick trip down memory lane with me.  In July I posted this about the girls and their kissing habits:

The Littles love to kiss, and when I say kiss, I mean more of an open-mouth, tongue out, suck on your face.
And when they are in the mood to kiss, your face will be covered in saliva by the time they tire of this activity.
The other night, LIttle J was done with being cheery for the day.
We told Little A, "Little A, you give sister kisses to make her feel better?"

the approach…

The kiss…

The end result?

Little J was not cheered up.

So, now that you know how they kiss, you will understand Little A's thinking.

A few mornings ago, they were doing their normal book time. Here is Little A when I left her.

I came around the corner and Adia is sucking on the book, I mean, hunched over, mouth wide open, sucking on a picture.  I couldn't figure it out until I saw the picture that had her so enraptured.

Yes, little Mr. Yawns has caught her attention.

Should we be worried?

Mr. Yawns has been replaced. 

The Littles are completely enamored with new boys.

This is the last page in the book and The Littles take turns giving it sloppy kisses.  If The Littles find it when Jon and I aren’t around, they will turn to the last page and just look at the boys. 

12-30 040

At least they fell for twins.  I wouldn’t want them to start arguing over boys before 14 months.  :)


Kristi said...

oh, Amy. That is just SO funny! We can't wait to see you guys again. Adi waves to the girls everytime she "sees" them. Tell them "hi" for us!

Alison said...

Hilarious!! Love that they are already into cute boys! ha! :)

Darcee said...

Ha ha ha ha!! I ♥ LOVE ♥ it!! :) ....I'm sure there is nothin' better than getting one of their SWEEEEET juicy lil kisses!!!ha! ♥

Totally crack'n up about what gets their lil kissin' juices flowin'! :)

mamamargie said...

What a funny post! They are so cute!

Wells L said...

Crack me up - wasn't there another post awhile back of them kissing some other book? I love this! I hope I get a chance to see what they're like when they're teenagers . . . hmmm! Too cute!