Friday, December 10, 2010

All In A Days Play…

As The Littles grow, their personalities and preferences do too. 

Here are some random moments from our day…

The girls love to wear this bunny headband.  They used to take it off right away, but now Little J will leave it on for long periods of time.  She probably forgets about it, but seeing a little bunny toddle around the house is so stinkin’ cute!

12-10 164

I found Little A sitting on the vent this morning as heat poured out.  A girl after my own heart!

12-10 119

Little J actually took such a long nap today that I had to wake her up so she would be sleepy for her next one!  Could you have woken this up???

12-10 122

Sometimes I can’t believe how fast they are growing up and then there are other moments when I just laugh because they are still 100% baby.  Like today, when Little A entertained herself by sucking on her big toe.

12-10 152

Little A didn’t feel amused that Little J just wanted to kiss her.

12-10 162

Jon got home early from work and I always love to watch the girls with him…

12-10 175

Little A shared her teething toy with Daddy.  It went back and forth.

12-10 177

Everyone beware, if you lay down in our house, the girls will probably try to find your “button”.

I know these moments go all too fast! 

One more thing.  Go to my friend’s blog ( and be inspired by what these seven mamas have done to change the world!!!  God is starting a movement with this group of women and their faithful prayers!

I did just get in a shipment of the Timbali purses that she talks about and will be selling those soon!


Joy said...

Cute pictures! Must be this age because Jayla loves belly buttons too! She walks around with her hand on her belly button.

Q said...

Oh Amy - What cute pics of your babes. I am in on the purses. I have been wanting to buy some. Can't Wait! - Suzy

mamamargie said...

Too cute! :)

Todd ~ Teresa said...

mouseymom's group has found a wonderful way to bless other's in their busy lives. I have to admit I was relieved to know that Mickey and Minnie was just stage names. :) Very creative!

Looking forward to seeing the purses.

Carissa said...

Aww, they are adorable and growing so fast! And the poop thing, well, things could be worse! Gia prefers dog food, which is not quite as bad, but who knows what today will bring!