Monday, December 13, 2010

The Creator of “Coincidence”

Sometimes God feels so far away and almost…well…invisible.  You know?  But there are other times when everywhere I look, I see Him, I see His Handiwork.

I have recently gone through some “coincidences”.  Not huge deals and if I told you about them, you would think, “so what?”.  As I was thinking about how God cares enough to orchestrate the little details in my life and nothing is actually coincidence, I had this thought,

“If I didn’t believe in God before today, I would believe in Him now”.

He is so mindful of us.


David and Larisa said...

Completely agree, Amy! I love the way that God speaks to each one of us in ways that will mean something personal to us - even though they may not mean something to anyone else. He knows us perfectly, and goes out of His way to give us continual evidence of His love! Thanks for sharing!

mamamargie said...

So true!!!

Mike and Shari said...

I am blown away by this thought and I really can't wrap my head around it, no matter how hard I try. I was almost overwhelmed by this thought when we witnessed the presentation at the Creation Museum about the magnitude of the universe. When I try to imagine the God of the universe who created the sun,the moon and billions of stars in one day, I can hardly believe that He can take the time to provide a "non-coincidence" for little old me, to show me His amazing love and care for me! Praise and glory be to HIM!