Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fashion vs. Function

I haven't had to buy much for the girls.  We have been blessed with many gifters and hand-me-downs. 

However, I did buy these incredible boots that I found on clearance at an outlet.  I just couldn't leave them.

They were so cute that I gasped when I saw them.
The girls look amazing in them. 

So what is the problem? 

They fall continually while wearing them and if I put them in the standing position, they don't try to walk.

I guess babies don't get the whole fashion world.  "It doesn't matter what they feel like, it's how they look!" :)

Actually, I am completely okay if they never get that.

One last incredible deal:
If we didn't have The Littles, this is something I think we would have made work. I hope one of you spontaneous people can!

Ethiopian Airlines is offering an insane deal for the month of February.  If you buy a ticket before Christmas to travel in February, the price is $777 but you get another ticket free!  I know, crazy!  That is like flying to Africa for a little over $400 (including taxes).  A normal average ticket to Ethiopia is $1500. 

This isn't just for Ethiopia, it is to multiple locations in Africa (Including an airport that is about 10 minutes away from where The Littles birthfather lives).  Sigh. Someday. :)


Heidi said...

Brooke had those same cute boots when she was around 2 1/2 she wore them all the time .. maybe next year they will be good with boots. I just LOVE your Christmas card... the girls are just so BIG and such beauties. Boy Christmas is going to be so fun for you! Continue to read my blog as it's about to get really good:)

emily said...

yes, i got word today from Jim that MOWA showed up at the last minute with our paperwork and the judge decided to stay to file it, or whatever...and so we passed, at the very last minute!

chavarria family blog said...

Those are darling!! and me growing up on a horse farm especially love them!!!
wanted to tell you marry christmas!!! you guys are going to have soo much fun!! enjoy!!

love you guys

Anonymous said...

Love the boots !! You know what I realized about little kids boots? In proportion to their body, legs, torso, ---and where the boots come on their legs---I'd certainly have trouble walking too. LOL