Tuesday, December 7, 2010

“What? I Wasn’t Feeding Her Icecream…”

12-7 217

Mama and Daddy have some different ideas of what we should feed The Littles and the way we should let them experience it.  Hence Little J, sitting on Daddy’s lap, with an ice cream mustache and a soaking shirt because Daddy lets her use a big girl cup. :)  I guess that is why they would rather sit with Daddy during dinner. :)

12-7 203

The Littles are doing more and more self-feeding.  They are enjoying squishing everything. Same days, I decide it isn’t worth all the wasted food and just put it in their mouths.  I know, practice makes perfect. :)

12-7 214

As the girls get more and more independent, I usually just wait for them to get to quiet and then I go and check out the problem.  One day, I heard Little A in the playroom making happy sounds, but she was getting a bit frustrated.  I went and checked and she was sitting on her scooter, that I had sat her on at least 20 minutes before.  Apparently she forgot how to get off and just waited patiently for me to come and rescue her.


Carissa J. said...

Amy, your girls are just darling as always! I can't believe how big they are getting!

Kristi said...

20 minutes with one toy? Is it possible? Way to go, Little A (even if it wasn't on purpose)!
Do you ever feel like stripping them of their clothes and putting them in the tub for meal time? :) Sometimes I feel like that would be easier!

Betsy said...

I met a woman yesterday who still spoon-feeds her 4-year-old because she never wanted the mess of him eating himself...may that encourage you to press on with a dirty kitchen floor!

Mindy said...

Little J looks as guilty as her Daddy in that first picture - so funny!