Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Always Thought They Would Set a World Record

I just didn’t know it would be so young or that it would be so annoying. :)

The girls started teething Thanksgiving night (resulting in Jon’s middle of the night trip Black Friday).

Yes, they started the same night and with the exact same teeth.  So, what’s the problem and the world record?  Still no teeth!  I can feel them and they have caused The Littles no small amount of grief.  We are still toothless.

12-14 038

Little J flashes her gums 

12-14 034

Little A is full of yummy gumminess.

So maybe the record could be for the longest fight for a tooth?

Or maybe latest to get their teeth?  I don’t know. If you have a “let-me-top-that” story, please tell me.  Just let me know they are really coming!  My Mom said she thought she would have to get baby dentures for my brother because he didn’t pop his first tooth until 13 months.

In the meantime, they have handled the fevers, diarrhea, runny noses and a round of the flu quite well.  They still are toddling everywhere (they are too big to crawl now, they would rather push themselves up 100 times than crawl) and they are making new sounds everyday.

12-14 047 

12-14 048

Much to Little A’s chagrin, Little J loves to kiss…

12-14 056

We finally talked Little A into kissing back.

The Littles are also getting quite helpful.  Do you need anything emptied?  Bring it over, I have two experts!

12-14 014

They excel at unloading dishwashers, but don’t know where anything goes. :)

12-14 018

Little J shows her teeth to the camera. :)


Amber said...

Our girls didn't get a single tooth until 11 1/2 months. And then they always got them 2 at a time. And my girls never get the top teeth first so it's such a funny picture. : ) I think at 13 months they still only had 4 teeth for a quite a while though.

And funny enough - my girls were always within days of eachother with their new teeth. It can make it hard on transitioning to table food with so little teeth but hang in there, they'll get there!

Their gummy smiles are way too cute.

Sandra said...

Yeah, when you posted about your girlies getting teeth, I almost posted(or maybe I did) about how to not get your hopes up to quickly. For more often than not, you think they are teething(and yes they are), it just takes those teeth so long to pop thru!! Whenever my kids was a good 2 month process before those teeth actually showed their faces!! No fun, but at least they get them while they are young and don't have to remember the pain when they are older:).

Kristi said...

I've been offering things to Adilynn... her first car paid for, four years of college, her first house, her first house AND a doctorate's degree ... it keeps getting bigger and better ... if she would just get ALL of her teeth at once. She hasn't learned to say "yes" or "ok" yet, so I don't know if we have a deal or not.

I'm pretty sure her two little teeth took about 3 months to get here. Blech! But they are pretty darn cute! I can't wait to see The Littles with their teeth when they finally arrive ... but then the biting begins ... double blech.

L, An and boys said...

You are not imagining things girl friend. I had no clue Noah was teething...but the two bottom teeth came through at 4 months... followed by the top soon there after. Sometimes it seems like they are coming through and it all stops for a few weeks and then picks up's maddening because everyone must think we moms are losing our minds when we say they are teething...for weeks on end. But I tell you it seems like there are breaks as things progress. Hang in there. =) The girls are so cute with their huge smiles.


bri said...

Hang in there! Kylin was 14 months before she got her first tooth.