Friday, April 15, 2011

Because A Year Brings Miracles (Part II)

Last year today we were in Ziway, with missionaries Gary and Peggy Ifft with Misgana Ministries.  We saw a Lifesong School and a Compassion feeding program as well. We also saw a group of the cutest kids ever created, beatboxed, were swooped by huge birds, ate fresh caught fish under a big ole’ African tree and and I was asked by a woman of the side of the road for my undergarments. Not kidding. See pictures of that day by clicking here.

Onto the “A” family.  Scott and Heidi have bio twins, Parker and Brooke and God added Jonas through adoption.  Heidi and I had known each other prior to our Ethiopia experience through the wonderful blog world.  God knew we needed Scott and Heidi and Brian and Mabel to be our support on our first parenting moments. (Imagine first-time parenting in a foreign country with fussy twins).


(Scott and Heidi on the left, Brian and Mabel on the right)

If not for them and their support, encouragement, prayers, and their food deliveries, Jon and I probably would not be here now as we would have killed each other or starved.  (Okay, yes an exaggeration, we wouldn’t have, but it would have been a lot harder). I feel forever indebted and grateful!

Here is their precious Jonas right before they went to get him.


Sigh, isn’t he a doll?

Their first moments with Jonas…

and a recent picture!

Jonas with his siblings, plus, THERE IS A BABY ON THE WAY!

I wish I could bottle up this boy’s laugh and happiness.

God has been so evident in His working in this family. Follow along with their journey at


Kristi said...

I love your new 'series'! I love remembering all of these families that we prayed for as Aunt Kris was updating us on your journey! Thanks for the reminders!

Heidi said...

Love this!! thanks for sharing with everyone our little miracle... what a creative idea!