Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snaps of Sweetness

To escape the rainy evening, we hit up a local play place.  The girls were delighted and they aren’t even old enough to realize what a scam it was that we went to McDonald’s and they didn’t eat a thing.

4-22 027

We quickly realized that a playplace is no place for skirts. :)  Excuse the skirts around their middles.

4-22 031

4-22 044

4-22 041 

4-22 063

4-22 067

4-22 060

Little J gives Little A a squeeze. 

And if you aren’t smiling yet, do you remember when I asked for prayers for Dave and Angie?  Well, they have an embassy date in May and they are bringing their kiddos home!  Praise God!


Dave and Angie: said...

Thank you sweet Sister for standing in the gap for us!!! ~Angie

T and M said...

wow, the littles are looking not-so-little in some of these pics! they are growing into sweet little girls so fast ( :

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Very adorable pictures! They don't even know about Happy Meals yet. That won't last too much longer. :)

Wells L said...

Praise the Lord!!!!!

Truly adorable - look how much fun they are having. It's about time some kids relate McDonalds to something else besides fries and a happy meal! Great job!

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, they are just TOO CUTE for words! I am brand new to your blog, but just had to say that. Ahh, the cuteness!!!

Kristi said...

Adilynn just got VERY chatty as we started looking at these pics. Unfortunately, I don't know what she is saying, but I'm sure its something very important like, "Hi, Littles! I miss you! Super cute headbands! Its a lucky thing your momma put leggings on you that day, eh?"