Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Because A Year Can Bring Miracles…

Because a year ago we were boarding a plane to Ethiopia that means we are less than one week away from our family’s first Gotcha Day! See here and this one if you want to relive the days of AK (aka Aunt Kris).

We were with four other families and from the little snippets of their lives that we have kept up with, God has been doing miracles. Here is the “D” family update. 

This is a picture that I posted back on May 5, 2010 in this post

Ethiopia-Canon Rebel 785

And here is what I wrote then: “This beautiful girl met her father on that day (Mike is standing behind her in the picture).  Her forever family has adopted multiple children from multiple countries.  They adopted a  young sibling group of two girls from Ethiopia, (last year I think).  As the girls learned English, they talked about their sister.  Mike and his family did the research and learned that they did have an older sister.  She was possibly separated from her siblings because she is older and therefore "less adoptable".  It was beautiful to know that this family pursued her and then adopted this child.  What a testimony of our great God and His adoption of us!!!”

This beautiful family blesses my socks off just through seeing pictures.  Although I have never met Sharon (she stayed home with all her kiddos), their family’s example is one worth replicating! :)

Here is a picture of the siblings, at referral and now.

before and after adoption-Dennehy's 

Again, I echo my thoughts from last year.  The story of these sisters is an incredible testimony of God’s love and redemption of us.

Stay Tuned…

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