Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Leave It To A Mother of Twins…

While each of your guesses are actual comments we have been asked at the grocery, our most frequent comment was guessed by Betsy Jo, a mother of twins.

#1 “Wow, you have your hands full!”

I hope this is not because I always look frazzled. :)

The runner-up comment is

#2 “Are they twins?”  :)  Hehehe.  I have realized it is just a purely rhetorical conversation starter…

#3 is a tie, between “Are they yours?” and “Where are they from?” 

Other frequent things we hear:

“Double the trouble!”

“Did it hurt to have twins?” (Yes, this is a frequent questions to me from strangers)

“Are they identical?”

“Who was born first?”

and just for fun…

A classic Little A face upon realizing that she has just got her hand stuck in the swing.


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Annie said...

Love that face! Priceless! And yes, my sister in law tells me that that is her number one comment from strangers too!

Kristi said...

Amy. Let me say this loud and clear. I can remember one time, ONE, where you looked frazzled. At that point you were holding two girls, one squirming the other screaming, and you were literally surrounded by preteens most of whom were trying to touch or hold the Littles. I have often envied your composure... you do a great job of not looking like you are about to come unglued, even if you feel like it! :)

Q said...

Oh Amy - I hear that comment all the time too! I just respond, "Yes, my hands are full, but I LOVE IT!" It's okay to be frazzled, who in their right mind wouldn't be with babes. You're not doing your job unless your hair is a mess, you've got puck running down your back, and you smell like something - just not sure what. ;) May God bless you and continue to encourage you in your mothering. - Suzy

Wells L said...

I met your parents today. How wonderful and Godly are they!!!! It was such an honor to share a short chat with them today at the 1st grade health fair.

Betsy Jo said...