Monday, April 4, 2011

Time for the Thermal Nuclear Missiles

(A Christian saying “I’ll just pray” )…"That is like a a soldier saying, 'I don't have a machine gun and I don't have a bazooka.  I only have a thermal nuclear missile, I guess I'll just have to fight with this.'" -Stan Yoder

Will you pray with me today?

-The Donaldson family.  Angie and I have become dear friends through the adoption world. The Donaldson family started their adoption about the same time we started on The Littles’.  They have had quite the rollercoaster and God brought them two children off a waiting child list and have passed court! Sadly, the process has been painfully long and with no promised end in sight. They hurt for themselves, but hurt mostly for their children, who are institutionalized and confused. Please pray their children home and comfort for their children during the wait.  Follow their story at

(Angie meeting her kids on their first trip for court)

-My sister, Kristen, leaves with Elise today to go to Ethiopia.  (Yes, I am a teensy jealous).  Kris and Elise both have counseling backgrounds. They are going to stay with Kevin and Erica, who serve sexually exploited women in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Loving Shepherd Ministries Please pray for safety for their trip and the Spirit to work mightily through them in effectiveness for their trainings and travels.

Happy Birthday Babies 241

-The Baker Family. This one is a giant praise!  Drew and Ashley received a referral for a precious baby girl on Friday!!! Follow their story:

(Picture taken from Baker’s Blog)

-Jon and Amy G. Oh wait, that’s us...Do you know how sometimes life just feels really big?  We are praying through some “big” things.  Maybe someday I will tell you about it.  For right now, please pray for surrendered, humble hearts and clear direction. 

Ben's 097

With Much Love,



David and Larisa said...

Praying for all of the situations that you mentioned! God is good and more than able!

Kristi said...

I'll just pray, too.

Stephanie Leigh said...

You are definitely in our thoughts and prayers... for everything! con amor...

heidi said... you all!! Trusting God to take care of those 'big things' and make the road clear.
We love you!


ps... those littles... are just so beautiful. Love every single picture of them! Thanks for sharing!

Amber said...

Praying for all Amy, you too. You've been on my mind alot lately - maybe that's just God's way of providing for you in more ways than you knew.